There’s too much confusion out there, so we’ve made our pricing very clear and concise.

We have partnered with Bambora (for those of you in Canada), and Forte (for those of you in the USA) because of their industry-leading payment and disbursement capabilities.

There are 4 components to your total cost.

Payment Gateway (Bambora / Forte):  When customers buy gift cards, they will provide their credit card information.  That credit card information is used to deposit funds through the payment gateway into the merchant account of your choice.  We have partnered with Bambora and Forte to provide you low payment gateway fees.

  • $49.00 one-time setup.  $15.00 monthly.  $0.15 per transaction.


Merchant Account (your choice):  Both Bambora and Forte are “Bank Neutral”, they will work with the majority of acquirers in North America, or they can provide you with a merchant account with very competitive rates.


System Fees (CommunityGiftCards):  We charge a percentage of every transaction, and a small monthly fee per location in your “community” of businesses that accept the gift cards.

  • $0.00 setup.  $1.00 per location monthly.  1.00 % per transaction.


Disbursement Fees (Bambora / Forte):  At the beginning of every month (or as often as you wish, customizable for each business in your “network”), you will need to reimburse those businesses/locations in your community, where the gift cards were redeemed during the previous month.  We use direct EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer – for Canada) or ACH (Automated Clearing House – for the U.S.) functionality of Bambora / Forte to make this very simple for you.

  • $49.00 one-time setup.  $15.00 monthly.  $0.25 per EFT/ACH transaction.

Click here to see an example of how this all comes together.